Yevo foods are a new line of fast perfectly balanced superfoods, disguised as comfort foods that people like to eat, which contain a perfect balance of all 43 of the essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health and performance. Yevo makes the ultimate preppers storage foods, great backcountry meals, and fast easy meals for families and athletes on the go who want to guarantee that with each and every meal they are getting all the essential amino acids, proteins, and other nutrients their body needs to stay healthy and perform optimally. Huge numbers of people report that they are losing weight, improving health, and healing from their chronic diseases, just by replacing a couple of their daily meals with Yevo foods!

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Unlike most processed foods, which are developed for maximum shelf life, maximum profitability, and maximum addictive value (guarantees repeat sales) but almost no regard for nutritive value, Yevo foods are blended for maximum nutritive value using proprietary low temperature and pressure process to obtain the textures and tastes of cooked foods without sacrificing nutritive value. Each food is carefully designed to have the perfect balance of all 43 essential nutrients, including all of the amino acids our bodies can’t manufacture on  their own, so that two servings of Yevo per day provide the normal body with all its daily nutrient needs. All Yevo raw materials are non-GMO, gluten free, and lab tested to insure no detectable levels of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Yevo 4 way comparison wheels

All Yevo foods all have the same balance of 43 essential nutrients, as shown above in the left-most nutrient wheel (since our western diets typically have unhealthy excessive amounts of sodium, chloride and Omega 6 fatty acids,  Yevo foods purposefully minimize those three nutrients). Current Yevo foods include refried beans, mashed potatoes, various oatmeal flavors, hot rice cereal, granola, curry sauce, and a delicious chocolate flavored protein shake (has no added sugars) that blows away all the other shakes on the market. Yevo is continuously adding new products to their line of foods.

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I have been eating Yevo foods since the spring of 2015. I take my health very seriously and had no desire to pitch Yevo to anyone else until I had a chance to see how I felt while eating Yevo, and its effects upon my health. During the past 9 months I have lots almost 15 pounds and am in better shape than since 1999! I find that when I eat a Yevo meal, or nutritional shake, I feel satiated for about 6 hours and my desire for snacking simply disappears. In November of 2015, when I went rock climbing in The Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas, I found that after an hour of strenuous approach carrying a heavy climbing pack over rough terrain I could scale difficult 1000 ft vertical rock walls, fueled solely by a breakfast of Yevo, eating nothing more until the late afternoon when I would pull a sports bar out of my pocket as we were rappelling down the cliff in the fading light of day. Not bad for someone who turns 60 later this year!

Climbing partner, David Marvin, following me on "Dreams of Wild Turkeys," Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks NV
Climbing partner, David Marvin, following me on the crux of “Dreams of Wild Turkeys,” Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks NV


Mat leading on "Dreams of Wild Turkeys," Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks NV
Mat leading on “Dreams of Wild Turkeys,” Black Velvet Canyon, Red Rocks NV


This winter I have felt great enjoying strenuous back country skiing in the High Sierras around lake Tahoe. In January of 2016 I had excellent energy summiting Mt Tallac on Randonee mountaineering skis, fueled by my breakfast of Yevo oatmeal followed by a Yevo protein shake. We climbed and skied about 5000 feet of terrain for 1 2/3 runs down the north bowls and chutes of Tallac. I have “only” 20 years seniority on the next younger guy in our group (on the left in the following picture) and the other two guys were roughly half my age!