1. What are some of the key items in your earthquake prep check list?
  2. “Drop, Cover, and Hold” on is the earthquake survival strategy recommended by most disaster experts, but there is another strategy, called “The Triangle of Life”. Can you explain the differences between these two strategies, and why you feel people should be aware of both?
  3. Once a major earthquake has struck, what immediate actions should I take?
  4. What might I expect in the aftermath of a major earthquake, and how can I plan ahead to cope with a large scale event such as a major quake?
  5. How can I improve the earthquake resistance of my home?
  6. What is a “72-Hour Survival Kit ” (also known as grab-and-go kits, short-term emergency kit, etc.) and why should I have one?
  7. What are some of the key items in your 72-hour emergency survival kit? What special items do you recommend in your 72-hour survival kits that you might not see on other lists?
  8. Why are health concerns such a big deal after an earthquake, and how might I be better equipped to deal with these issues in the aftermath of a large quake?
  9. How can I disinfect “ditch water” using just sunshine or simple household chemicals?
  10. Why is emergency preparedness like buying car insurance?