As I see it, the main threats to a stable American and world future are:

  •  ECO THREAT:  Super storms, earthquakes, tsunami, and solar flares etc.) coupled with major ecosystem collapse are the basis for the Eco-Threat. Hurricanes (such as Katrina) and earth quakes (such as Fukushima) are a powerful example of the effects of natures capacity for destruction. The severity and number of hurricanes, and super storms have increased exponentially in the last 5 years, and the frequency of 5+ magnitude earth quakes has reached the highest level in this century, it is now obvious that there are potentially dire consequences for the stability and quality of human life on our planet.  
  •  BIO THREAT: We face a potential for massive plagues due to: 1) The ability of viruses to mutate into new forms that make the jump from animal to human species. 2) The widespread use of antibiotics in animal feeds makes a perfect breeding ground for growing bacteria that are resistant to modern antibiotics. 3)The unknown side effects of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Foods) that are in 90 percent of our food supply could lead to unexpected viral and bacterial mutation in generations to come. 4) The potential for a bio attack that could infect the population with deadly bacteria or viruses and the convenience of (Air Travel) causing the infection to spread globally before it is detected.
  •  TERROR THREAT: The threat of terrorism is obvious. What is not quite as obvious is the connection between our dependence upon foreign oil and how it funds terrorism while putting our soldiers, workforce and citizens in harms way, and draws the attacks of fanatical Muslim minorities in their attempt to drive American influences from the entire Middle East.