What is this book about?

Information / Preparedness / Networking:

  •  Climate Change / Hurricanes / Superstorms
  •  “Peak Oil” and Gasoline Shortages
  •  Sustainable Living / Self-Reliant Communities
  •  Disruptions in Supplies and Services
  •  Biological Terrorism / Pandemics
  •  Skyrocketing Energy Bills
  •  Earthquakes / Floods / Wildfires

This web site, and my book When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival, are dedicated to helping people proactively plan for, and deal with, the coming challenges that we will all face in the first part of this century. Between global warming, terrorism, Peak Oil, eco-system collapse, and the threat of emerging viruses and anti-biotic resistant bacteria, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about our future. I am not suggesting that we all become survivalists, but I also don’t suggest that you stick your head in the sand and pretend that these threats will simply disappear.

If we are to avoid global catastrophe, we must accept that we are occupants of a fragile planetary ecosystem that is showing severe signs of strain, and that to continue “business-as-usual”, where the bottom line of profit has supreme precedence over all other considerations, is a recipe for world wide disaster. It is my desire that the resources in my book and web site will help people to live more sustainably, encouraging them to do business in more sustainable ways, and actively pursue policy changes in local and national government to make a sustainable future our top priority.

This web site, and my book (When Technology Fails), are dedicated to helping people to: 

  1.  Understand the threats to our future.
  2.  Help our friends and family to be prepared for disasters and emergencies.
  3.  Seek positive solutions to these current and future threats at personal, communal, national and global levels.
  4.  Promote sustainable business practices from the personal to the global level, and the establishment of self-reliant sustainable communities.

Personally, I am very excited about the potential for positive transformation through dealing with the challenges that we will face in the coming decades. When faced with a potentially fatal disease, such as cancer, many people initially fall apart but eventually rise to the occasion, making personal changes and growing in ways that never would have happened without facing the challenges presented by their predicament. It is my hope that mankind will collectively rise to this occasion, working together to create a viable, sustainable future which respects the spirit of the individual, and the biological systems of the planet.

We are all in this together! Let us create a future that we can all live with.

The “Bible” for Emergency Prep & Survival, Plus Green & Healthy Living:

Do The Right Thing!
A Perspective on Relative Threats
The Main Threats to Our Future
Preparedness Planning
Positive Action