1. I understand you knew Dean Potter, the extreme rock climber, BASE jumper and wing suit flyer who recently died in a BASE jumping accident. What motivates people to do such crazy things?
  2. I hear you are working on a new book titled, Pushing the Envelope: A Life Lived on the Edge. How has your life “Pushed the Envelope?”
  3. I understand you have had over a dozen “close calls” in your life where you could have been killed or crippled. Could you describe a couple of the most outrageous situations you have been in?
  4. Why do you think your life was spared each time when by “the law of averages” you should have been dead long ago?
  5. You say you have known at least three “supermen” who pushed the envelope until they finally made a mistake while doing their extreme sports, and then the sports they loved took their lives. Any particular stories you would like to share about these three extreme athletes? (John Bachar, who popularized extreme free solo rock climbing [no ropes, Bachar his demise after 30 years of free solo climbing]; Dean Potter who took solo rock climbing to new extreme levels, along with BASE jumping and wing-suit flying [his demise]; and Reinhard Karl who nearly made the summit of Everest without supplemental oxygen days after Reinhold Messener and Peter Habler first accomplished that feat in 1978, but Karl was climbing a more difficult route up Everest [he later died in a Himalayan ice avalanche])
  6. Your main climbing partner for more than 20 years was Rick Sylvester, who is credited with popularizing BASE jumping with his two BASE jumps off Yosemite’s El Capitan followed by two famous James Bond stunts, including a BASE jump on skis off Mt Asgard for The Spy Who Loved Me and a climbing scene with a spectacular 120 foot fall in For Your Eyes Only. Do you have any cool stories to share about your long term climbing partner? (Rick is still alive!)
  7. I hear that your new book, Pushing the Envelope is not just about your extreme sport adventures, but also has a deeper more spiritual dimension to it. What was the first powerful spiritual experience that you can recall?
  8. Back in 1974, when you were a freshman at MIT, you took a course called Silva Mind Control in which you experienced undeniable extra-sensory perceptions and shortly thereafter witnessed a miraculous “remote healing” of a crippled friend. How did this affect your belief system, and were you able to integrate these new experiences along with your scientific MIT training?
  9. How have you communicated with your “guides” and how did they convince you of their existence and influence on our physical world?
  10. You have quite a varied background, being born and raised Jewish, initiated by a powerful 108 year old Indian yogi in a life-transforming experience in 1977, graduating from MIT in1978, experiencing an out-of-body vision of Jesus in 1979, and then receiving the entire scope and outline for your book in an instantaneous vision during the fall of 1997. How were you able to integrate these different conflicting experiences and belief systems into your own life?