1. Do you think the worst of the financial crisis is over, or is it yet to come?
  2. What kinds of skills should I have that could help me survive a full-blown economic collapse?
  3. What about trade and barter? Are there any specific types of items that would be particularly valuable in a barter system if the financial meltdown gets worse?
  4. I understand that your wife recently passed from cancer (died on Dec 22, 2013 due to multiple myeloma blood/ bone cancer). You are such a proponent of alternative healing techniques. Why do you think you could not save her? If you had the opportunity to do this over, what would you have done differently?
  5. I understand that you chose to start out with traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, hoping to switch to alternative treatments at a later date. Why did you make that choice? Was it a difficult decision?
  6. How is When Disaster Strikes different from When Technology Fails?
  7. You recently published your first illustrated children’s book, called “Geronimo the Frog”. A children’s book is a far stretch from writing about emergency prepping, survival and sustainability—what made you write Geronimo?
  8. I hear there is a very intriguing “back story” behind the writing of Geronimo—could you tell us something about this?
  9. I have heard a lot about EMP, and it has me really scared. How bad is the terrorist threat of EMP?
  10. What is the difference between the effects of a devastating EMP strike and a Super Solar Storm?
  11. If I come to the realization that my area has been hit hard by an EMP event, or a super solar storm, what should I do? How could I plan ahead to cope with such an event?
  12. There are something like 104 nuclear reactors in the USA. What should I do if one of these reactors were to be blown up by a terrorist, or if a meltdown were to occur, along the lines of what happened in Chernobyl or Fukushima?
  13. Is it true that in a prolonged grid-down situation, such as from an EMP or extreme solar storm, it is almost certain to cause multiple Fukushima-like events across America?
  14. If so, is there a way to prevent such nuclear catastrophes from occurring in the event of an EMP or super solar storm, and why is our government not doing anything about this?
  15. Why did you write When Technology Fails, and what does this have to do with your vision of the future?