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Disinfecting Your Water

Contrary to popular opinion, clear sparkling water is often unsafe for drinking. Even spring water may not be safe. Springs emerging from rock crevices can be exit points for underground streams carrying pollutants from far-off sources. This article teaches everything you need to know about purifying your drinking water with both low-tech and high tech methods... (click to read)

Intuition: A Powerful Ally

Between climate change, terrorism, failed states, and an exploding global refugee problem, we all face a future filled with uncertainty. Whatever actions and strategies we may have used successfully to guide our lives and businesses over the past few decades may not continue to work in this next period of rapid change. Tools for accessing our intuition can provide the extra guidance needed to navigate the murky waters of an uncertain future...(click to read)

When a Super-Bug Strikes Close to Home, How Can You Deal With it?

So far, we have dodged the bullet with the Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and Ebola, but that does not mean that one of a number of existing antibiotic resistant superbugs won’t come knocking at your family’s door some day. In this article, I share a variety of alternative medicines, procedures and herbs to have on hand in case that day comes when medicines either are not working or are simply unavailable... (Click to read)

Making the Shift to Sustainability‎

If we consider “Plan A” to be business as usual, which is currently consuming, depleting, and poisoning the natural systems that maintain life on Earth, then we might call a sustainable alternative “Plan B”. It has been estimated that a viable Plan B could be implemented by diverting just 1/6th of the world’s current military expenditures to supporting and implementing the sweeping changes needed to shift our world’s course from collapse to sustainability. There is no single “right way” to implement Plan B, but the following would go a long way towards insuring that we and our children will have a world worth living in...(click to read)

Barb’s Story

When Barb Rosenthal was 13 years old, she was a promising young athlete. Her older brother was already one of the top junior ski racers in the eastern United States and Barb showed every sign that she would surpass her brother’s accomplishments. Then, tragedy struck.

Building the Ultimate Survival Kit

Mother Nature built into each and every one of us a desire to provide food, shelter, water, and protection for ourselves and loved ones. The following in-depth article will help you put together a top notch grab-and-go kit for you and your family! (click to read)