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Mat Was Interviewed on the Mike Harris Show

In this fine interview Mat and Mike go deep into the extreme public health threat that is being caused by the spraying of Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer (glyphosate) in high quantities onto non organic crops, including GMO soy, corn, and non-GMO grains. (1/26/17) Mike Harris: Matt Stein is the guest

On: Fukushima- The TIP of the Iceberg w/ Arnie Gundersen

In this “must see” interview, Mat Stein is interviewed by renowned nuclear engineer and whistle blower, Arnie Gundersen. They discuss the potentially devastating effects of either an an extreme solar storm from the sun ( every decade there is a 1:8 chance for this to occur), or an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack by a terrorist group […]

Disinfecting Your Water

Contrary to popular opinion, clear sparkling water is often unsafe for drinking. Even spring water may not be safe. Springs emerging from rock crevices can be exit points for underground streams carrying pollutants from far-off sources. This article teaches everything you need to know about purifying your drinking water with both low-tech and high tech methods... (click to read)

Intuition: A Powerful Ally

Between climate change, terrorism, failed states, and an exploding global refugee problem, we all face a future filled with uncertainty. Whatever actions and strategies we may have used successfully to guide our lives and businesses over the past few decades may not continue to work in this next period of rapid change. Tools for accessing our intuition can provide the extra guidance needed to navigate the murky waters of an uncertain future...(click to read)