Geronimo The Frog-Author Signed


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How can a group of animal friends from Florida’s Big Cypress Swamp defend their home from Bad Billy’s gang? Leave it to Geronimo, the little frog with a big mission. He’ll stop at nothing to save his beloved land from being trashed by Bad Billy and his gang, who are leaving their garbage all over the place. Can Geronimo save the day? 

Geronimo the Frog, written by Matthew Stein and illustrated by Taillefer Long, tells the story of one brave frog and his wonderful cast of animal friends. By working together, they are brave enough to fight the pollution that is threatening their beautiful Florida forests and swamps. Light-hearted and featuring a valuable environmental message, this illustrated children’s tale for kids ages two- to seven-years-old offers plenty of swampland excitement, while also teaching the positive values of ecology, courage, and teamwork. 

With a nod to the Seminole Native Americans who make the Florida swamps and forests their home, Geronimo the Frog provides a perfect introduction to the singular culture and the natural wonder of the state. The book features animals native to the Florida swamp and forest setting, while engaging children with the all-important topic of working to preserve the habitat of these delightful animals.

Geronimo rallies friends Echaswa the Raccoon, Koowe the Panther, Kunu the Squirrel, Yube the Alligator, Obu the Owl, and many others to chase Bad Billy out of the swamp. But Bad Billy is equally ready to put a stop to them. To do so, he must stop Geronimo first. As the two groups clash, and Geronimo is captured, the suspense and excitement build in this delightful, fast-paced tale with a meaningful message. It’s up to Geronimo to save Big Cypress Swamp!