Positive Action

Many people ask, “What can I do?” Individually we can educate ourselves and prepare ourselves to cope with future instabilities in the climate and the supply of gasoline and central services. Remember, preparedness is disaster & terrorism insurance.

Post Peak Living UnCrash Course

Prepare quickly by registering in the Post Peak Living UnCrash Course, a comprehensive six-week online course designed to help you thrive in a post-peak world. 
Expert instructors who have been preparing for years will support you to prepare in the following areas:
  • Food. Get ready for short-term breakdowns in food supply as well as long term food growing and storage.
  • Finances and shelter. How can you husband your resources and keep you and your family sheltered? Should you move?
  • Health. What can you do now to get and stay healthy?   
  • Transportation. How will you move around, obtain food and visit the doctor?
  • Skills.  What skills will the community be willing to pay you for or barter with you?
  • Disaster Preparation. Is your disaster kit adequate for a post-peak world? Do you even have a disaster kit?
Click here to find out more and to register.

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