By Matthew Stein, P.E., Author of When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency, ISBN #978-1933392455, published by Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, VT (800) 639-4099
I firmly believe in the mind-body-spirit connection, and that even terminal diseases can be cured mentally/spiritually/metaphysically, but I also believe in being practical. I suggest that your best chances for beating your disease may be to combine the best that western medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, Eastern medicine and metaphysical/spiritual/visualization have to offer. I suggest the “shotgun approach”, i.e. combining a multiple of cleansing and healing regimens to give yourself the best chances of recovery.

I will not tell you what to do, but I do urge you not to give up hope. In your quest for health, I do not suggest you turn your back on regular medical diagnosis and treatments (radiation, chemo, surgery, etc.), but also suggest that in addition to seeking medical advice and treatments, you should consider seeking out alternative therapies that have proven themselves by helping thousands of so-called “terminal” stage 4 and 5 cancer patients to beat the odds and heal after doctors had told them to put their affairs in order because their cancer was (in their opinion) terminal.

I understand the fear you must be going through. Years ago, when my childhood friend’s wife was diagnosed with leukemia, the medical doctors put “the fear of alternative methods” into them and assured them that their only hope lay in the experimental high-tech chemotherapy drugs that they were offering his wife. They put their faith in the medical establishment, and she died three weeks later. My friend was quite bitter and wished that he had not placed so much faith in western medicine and had instead looked carefully into the alternatives. In some cases, chemotherapy or radiation treatment may truly offer your best chance of short term survival, but keeping the cancer away and promoting your body’s long-term return to health may be best facilitated through the use of alternative methods that boost the body’s natural healing powers and provide long term anti-tumor protection. For many, a combination approach may offer the best chance to insure that their cancer goes away and stays away.

I suggest that you incorporate prayer, meditation, and the power of visualization into your healing practices. It couldn’t hurt, and may well help, to ask a Higher Power (Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Allah, etc., whatever you feel comfortable with) to guide you in this process of finding the best combination of methods for your particular situation. If you do choose to rely solely on alternative methods, it may be prudent to continue with regular medical checkups to track your progress. When making this choice, try to avoid succumbing to the fear which is common in Western medicine (i.e. expecting and projecting the worst case scenario). If you choose chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation, I strongly suggest deparasiting yourself (according to Hulda Clark, Ph D, there is a strong correlation between parasites and cancer) and developing a practice of daily consumption of Jason Winters tea, or Essiac tea, to detoxify your body and use these natural anti-cancer herbal formulas to improve the probability that your cancer will not return or spread to other parts of the body.

I am not against high tech medicine, I am just realistic. I have come to know through first hand experience that western medicine has both great power and significant limitations. For instance, there was the time when my wife was suffering from an antibiotic resistant urinary infection. After several months of doctor’s visits and antibiotic treatments that had escalated from tetracycline all the way to Cipro (one of the most powerful “last defense” antibiotics) , we turned to alternative medicines and she was healed using a combination of grapefruit seed extract from the health food store and quarts of home made colloidal silver (a non-patented broad band antibiotic). If we had stayed with traditional medicine, she may well have lost her kidneys and been on a dialysis machine for the rest of her life.

Over the years, and while doing research for my book, I discovered considerable information on alternative therapies that have proven to be quite effective against cancer. Since they are not patentable, and therefore won’t generate any significant income for large pharmaceutical companies, there has been little funding for official studies, no financial support to clinically prove their effectiveness, and in many cases the practitioners of these effective anti-cancer therapies have been hounded and persecuted by the legal system under pressure from the AMA and large pharmaceutical companies. Several of these options are discussed in the healing chapter of When Technology Fails, so I suggest that you may want to spend some time on this chapter

What follows is a brief summary of a few alternatives and several links for more information. For more detailed information, I suggest that you check out Chapter IX, “When High-Tech Medicine Fails” in my book, When Technology Fails in particular the section titled “Powerful Herbal Combinations for Better Health” plus several of the pages following this section. Also, pay attention to the resource guide at the chapter’s end.

  1. Buy some Jason Winters Herb tea ASAP. 25,000 cancer survivors (including Sir Jason Winters himself), attribute their survival to this herbal combination. Note that chaparral grows wild in the Nevada desert, and the FDA made it illegal to use for medicinal purposes in this country, so it is not included in the American version of Jason Winters herb tea. You may buy chaparral on the internet, but it often comes with a disclaimer that it is not to be used for medicinal purposes. When I asked Jason Winters why chaparral is illegal for medicinal use in this country, he told me it is his belief that since this herb is extremely effective against cancer, it was the chemotherapy drug companies that lobbied successfully to outlaw its medicinal use in the USA. I would buy chaparral on the internet to add to your Jason Winters tea. Make buckets of this tea and start drinking as much as you feel comfortable with. Buy the tea in bulk (it comes in a round container like oatmeal cartons) would also intersperse several weeks of Essiac tea herbal anti-cancer cleanses with the Jason Winters tea (see the healing chapter in my book for more details and the recipe for Essiac tea).

  2. De-parasite yourself. Do a black walnut and wormwood parasite cleanse. See details in my healing chapter, excerpted from Hulda Clark’s books. Also, buy Hulda Clark’s books, new or used, like “The Cure for all Diseases” or “The Cure for all Cancers”. Pick up a parasite zapper off the internet (she felt the device was too important to patent so she told the world how to make it). Hulda received her doctorate in cellular physiology when I was still in diapers. She spent the next twenty years in traditional medical research before shifting her research and treatment focus to alternative medicine in the 70’s. Her research found a direct correlation between specific cancers and specific parasites. In her research tests on cancer patients, she found that 100% of all patients with specific cancers would test positive for specific parasites. She says that about 60% of the population tests positive for parasites, and that if you have pets, you are nearly 100% guaranteed to have parasites. Dr. Clark, who lives in San Diego, also runs a clinic across the border in Mexico that specializes in treating cancer patients, and claims to have a high success rate with stage 5 cancers, which are the patients that are generally considered terminal in standard American hospitals.

    3. Check into the Beck Protocol on the internet. Suffering from degenerative diseases and poor health, the physicist, Dr. Bob Beck was frustrated by being told by medical doctors that there was nothing he could do about his poor health and that he should just accept the fact that he was getting older and that his health would continue to degrade until the day he died. He started looking into alternative medical research and used his engineering expertise to develop several inexpensive devices to allow people to heal themselves with the help of these devices. The Silver Pulser from Sota Instruments is a simple device that makes colloidal silver (based on the medical research of Dr. Robert Becker, author of “The Body Electric” on the body’s micro electric healing mechanisms) and also has a wrist strap for blood electrification to kill all blood borne pathogens (based upon ground breaking research and patents from the Albert Einstein Institute in NYC, which developed an expensive dialysis like machine to kill Aids and Hepatitis C viruses in the patient’s blood stream). Info and devices available at .

  3. Do a cleansing fast and clean your colon/de-parasite with a program from: Info on cleansing fasts and Hulda Clark’s parasite program in my healing chapter in When Technology Fails.

  4. Start doing the Egyptian Healing Visualization described on page 236 ofWhen Technology Failsat least twice a day. Perhaps take a Reiki Healing class so you can do Reiki healing energy treatments on yourself? Perhaps pick up a copy of the classic spiritual healing text, Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which promotes spiritual healing based on the biblical practices of Jesus? There are currently many thousands of testimonials that attribute miraculous physical healings to the application of the principles contained in Mary Baker Eddy’s book.
  5. “New Science” healing machines: try the consistent use of some of these new electronic healing  machines, including the Eagle Guardian Homeopathic Imprinter, “Cold” Lasers & Russian Scenar frequency devices ; Vibrational Biofeedback Devices like QXCI or LIFE machines , and some new enzyme therapies out there. An unsung hero in the field of New Science Healing Machines is a Chiropractor by the name of John Lubecki in Fair Oaks, CA. He authored, called “An End to Cancer” He has had amazing results with many of his energetic modalities. He has treated a number of patients who have conquered terminal stage 5 cancers, and are now in perfect health. A good friend of mine has sent quite a few of his friends down there with excellent results.

Good Luck! Stay strong! Light and love,