Interview with Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy – 2010

“Matthew Stein is the author of the excellent book WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS – a detailed, how-to encyclopedia (no better word for it) that explains in simple terms exactly how to make things work if our 21st century infrastructure should fail around you.” – Kerry Cassidy

Interviews on Coast to Coast AM

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On The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

“When Technology Fails”, A Book Review By Carolyn Baker

Link: Rarely in the specialized milieu of industrial civilization does one encounter a Renaissance man or woman-someone who is well-versed in a wide spectrum of disciplines and who can expound upon them in writing that is both articulate and engaging. So when I discovered Mat Stein’s phenomenal When Technology Fails: A Manual For Self-Reliance, […]

Surviving the Long Emergency with Local Author Matthew Stein Published: February 13, 2009 by Beth Ingalls Mat Stein had an epiphany during his daily prayer and meditation session in 1997. A voice told him that he was going to write a book focusing on the future of the world and that he would get the help he needed if he took the project […]