Mat Stein interviewed on Quantum Matrix Radio

Mat was recently interviewed by David Meiswinkle on Quantum Matrix radio. You can listen to the broadcast on No Lies Radio  Sunday evening 9/2/18 at 8 PM Pacific Time or listen/download the podcast at

Mat to Present at SLC Prepper Show

Mat will be presenting two seminars, and signing books, at the RK Prepper’s Show in Salt Lake City, UT, October 28-29, 2017, along with Doc Bones, Nurse Amy, Dr Richard Alan Miller, and many other presenters. For more info click on

Toxic Mold: Flooding’s Evil Twin

Mold and flooding go hand in hand. In the aftermath of any flood, the presence of significant visible mold inside a home makes it clear that drastic measures are mandated. This article is not about mold remediation. However, since floods and toxic mold problems tend to go together, I will provide you with some basic information to help you understand when your problem is serious enough that you should seek professional medical help, or the help of a qualified mold-remediation service.