RK Prepper Show, Kansas City, MO, Oct 1-2, 2016

Mat Stein will be presenting at the RK Prepper Show in Kansas City MO along with Dr Richard Alan Miller, Vincent Finelli, Doc Bones, Nurse Amy and many more! On Saturday  Mat will present When Disaster Strikes: What You Need to Know, Do, and Have on Hand.  On Sunday he will present EMPs and Solar Storms: […]

RK Prepper Show-Pensacola FL-December 17-18

Mat will be at the RK Prepper show in Pensacola Florida on December 17-18, 2016. For more info click on

400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon

There are nearly 450 nuclear reactors in the world, with hundreds more either under construction or in the planning stages. There are 104 of these reactors in the USA and 195 in Europe. Imagine what havoc it would wreak on our civilization and the planet’s ecosystems if we were to suddenly witness not just one […]